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Politicians are rich sources of humor. Especially the president — if you think you're great enough to lead this planet's most powerful country, there must be something funny about you!

Barack Obama has been, and continues to be, the target of countless jokes. This website,, is designed to share some of the best ones. Use the Search box above to find a particular term or topic.

This site is not:

  • a complete record of all Obama jokes
  • the place for crude (e.g., racist) humor
  • willfully violating trademark laws; as far as we know, the contents of public utterances (as opposed to their actual delivery) become public property

If you know a good Obama joke — either one you heard somewhere, or one you made up yourself — please send it to us, along with attribution (that is, tell us whose joke it is and where you heard it). We'll publish some of our favorites! (We can't promise to look at every submission, or to acknowledge that we have received them ... this is just a hobby for us.)

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