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If you know a good Obama joke — either one you heard somewhere, or one you made up yourself — please send it to us, along with attribution (that is, tell us whose joke it is and where you heard it). We'll publish some of our favorites! (We can't promise to look at every submission, or to acknowledge that we have received them ... this is just a hobby for us.)

(NOTE: Almost all the jokes we've received from readers have been tired racist humor. Send in a fresh clean joke and you might just get published here!)

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Sent in by reader Mark Usinger: 
I heard that when President Obama stepped up to accept the Nobel Peach Prize, Kanye West jumped on stage and tried to take it from his hands, insisting that it should have gone to Beyonce!

Here's a good Obama-related joke told by none other than his former pastor, Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr., at a Philadelphia church on November 9, as reported in The Philadelphia Inquirer: 
If I say "Hello," they'll say I said "Hell." Then they'll say the "O" meant "Obama," and that I said, "To hell with Obama." 

To show how easy it is (or how low our standards are), here are some Obama jokes invented by the staff of
When Obama's face is on a presidential quarter someday, that will be "change we can believe in." 

Obama Quarter

What were Democrats eating the morning after Obama was elected? Barack-fast. What were Republicans eating? Crow. 




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